Join our Team!

Appraisers- Is there more to life than writing report, after report, after report?

We like to think so.

We are a growing company with appraisal as a core business, but we are also active in consulting, brokerage, and real estate investment. Each of these areas helps to refine a valuation skillset through experiences on multiple sides of a transaction.

If you are an experienced commercial appraiser with an MAI designation and are looking for something different, this opportunity may be for you.

Become a Commercial Real Estate Expert, not just an appraiser.

Use your skillset to be an expert in the market.

Appraise property and network with your real estate peers so you actually know what’s going on in the market and who to call.

Let our research team pull flood maps, confirm zoning, and enter comps into the database. Use our report templates and integrated database to put in basic information, so you can focus on the analysis, the way an Expert should be focused.

We offer first class technology with an internal Teamsite, past project logs and project maps for reference, task managers, excellent research assistance, and report writing integration to maximize your potential. We reimburse and require continuing education. We encourage other designations such as the CCIM and AI-GRS

Desirable attributes include: willingness to learn, enjoy trying new methods, anticipating outcomes and thinking two steps ahead, ability to present multiple solutions when encountering a problem, and self-motivation is key.

Beyond all that, we emphasis working to live, not living to work. With a flexible schedule and relaxed atmosphere.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients reach their goals by educating them about real estate. We do this by achieving the highest level of real estate education for ourselves and sharing it with others.

Starting with the core principles of honesty and integrity, we convey knowledge based on market data, quantitative solutions, and analysis, through a variety of Real Estate Services.

If this mission sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and you currently have an MAI designation, please reach out. If it’s not a fit today, it may be in the future. Worst case, we do some networking and share comps or data in the future. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you and will keep all respondents confidential.

Send your qualifications or resume to Please also include just a couple lines about what you’re looking for or what your goal is professionally. We look forward to speaking with you!